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Thursday, March 11, 2010

We interrupt this day.....

It was one of those days. I sit at sewing machine.... phone rings. I sit at sewing machine, dog wants out.....or cat decides it has a hair ball.... or the phone rings again..... on and on and on....I kept losing my place and made so many mistakes and ended up unsewing way to much. But even with all the craziness of yesterday I was able to get another row on my brother's shaded 9 patch.

Because I had to rip out so many mistakes... I got to know my new BFF "Jackie"(I had to name her a female name because of the lavender and purple handle). "Jack" my old tiny seam ripper got relagated to my portable quilt box. I wish I had bought this seam ripper a long time ago! This ripper is made by Dritz and it's handle is rubberized and the ergonomic curves are easy to grip. I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble holding on to small things like me.

My sweet Greg is back home so it's back to dragging things out and putting them away again. Hopefully today will be more productive and less interruptus.

Happy Quilting!

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