I love cats and quilts.... and my cats love quilts too!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life happens, but quilting does too!

Sew busy the last few weeks! Went to Florida to deliver the quilts for my brother and my niece. They really seemed to love them! I was so happy to find out green is my niece's favorite color! I had really been sweating the choice of green as the border for her quilt.

My brother with his quilt.

My brother and niece holding up her quilt.

My brother acting crazy with his quilt! What a nut!

My niece was yelling at me for taking this one because she said she was having a bad hair day, I told her she was gorgeous no matter what her hair looked like!

I spent a week down visiting and just as I got back I found out my aunt was in the hospital and wasn't expected to make it. My husband had just left for a business trip and I couldn't go down to say goodbye. She passed away the next day. I was so sad so I started sewing to pass the time and to keep my mind occupied. I will post my progress pics on the next post.

Happy Quilting!