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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The last three days have been spent thinking about, and trying to get this out of my head and out in fabric. It has grown from a lap size - 1 charm pack idea, to a 4 charm pack - queen size idea! I just reached the half way mark and wanted to share some pictures.
I really, really like how this is progressing. The pictures are not the best, but I think you can get the idea of what I am heading for. I had this idea of seeing a garden through a lattice fence (well in an abstract way). It is my own design and idea. I have never been one to make up my own quilts. I usually follow patterns or designs I have see else where. This quilt came to me the second I saw the Moda Eden charm pack.
Do you guys have quilts talk to you? I started out thinking that this quilt (the lap size version) would be a gift for my sister in law. But yesterday this quilt "told" me it was for my youngest niece (who just turned 21). So I decided to make it a queen size to fit her bed. I still have an idea to border this, but will see how it progresses.
Happy Quilting!

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