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Saturday, February 13, 2010

So busy... but no pictures to prove it

Yesterday was spent running around shopping for items to get my two major quilt tops ready to go to the longarm quilter and for me to quilt my smaller quilt tops. I found the perfect flannel back for my son's quilt. It has a red and black square pattern on it that is the perfect match for the squares on the front. Spent last night getting it washed, ironed, cut and sewed. I also de-stringed the quilt top.

Today I worked all day today getting the back ready for the Chocolat Jacob's Ladder quilt. Normally it wouldn't have taken me that long, but the quilt was a odd size. It would have taken 3 strips of cloth to fit the back with way to much waste. So I decided to piece a row of Jacob's Ladder blocks down the center of the back instead of wasting that much cloth. So I had to go dig out the remnants, iron them, find the pattern, cut, sew and figure out how the math of getting it dead center of the back.

I must say after I was done it looked great. The problem is after I had bagged both of the quilt tops up with all the stuff I remembered I hadn't taken any pictures. I was so tired from sewing and ironing all day I just refused to have to take them out, take pictures and refold and bag them. I will post pics when they come back from the longarmer.

Ok I am off to bed, because those two quilts whooped me bad!

Happy Quilting!

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