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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fabric medicine

Yesterday didn't go well for me.... caught a intestinal bug from somewhere and had a really rough night. So the last thing I felt like doing yesterday was quilt. Instead I bundled up on the couch in a quilt, and felt sorry for myself most of the morning. Started feeling better towards the late afternoon and then the doorbell rang. It was the mail delivery guy with a package for me!

It was a box of fabric I had ordered from Amy Smart, of Diary of a Quilter, when she had her destash "tag" sale. The fabric really is gorgeous! I think she threw in a bunch more than I ordered! Plus I had ordered it Saturday night and it was here yesterday which was quite speedy! Thanks Amy! One of my first projects out of the box will be this quilt fabric kit she had put together.

It set my mind racing and the creative ideas of how to use it started making me feel so much better. Since it was so late in the day, I didn't really have the time or the energy to pull out the Jacob's Ladder quilt top, but I did acomplish this....

Amazing how much healing power fabric has!!!


  1. I hope you get feeling better, Cindy! I love getting packages, it makes my day so much better. I can't wait to see a completed quilts!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. It is amazing how new fabrics are a great way to distract us from the every day!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, now I know about yours! It's great. You are working on some beautiful quilts!
    I just started my blog at the beginning of the year, and am having a blast, hope you are too!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments! I believe quilts have magical qualities!