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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quilt Drama

Had grandiose quilting plans for today. Took the puppy down to doggie day care to play with the other dogs so I wouldn't have to worry about about her chewing my sewing machine cords up. (usually I stick her outside while I sew, but it is pouring rain today)

Came back and got out the Jacob's ladder quilt from the depths of the storage armoire. After ironing it I laid the top and the border fabric out to take a look. When I stood back it was soooo busy. So I decided to put an inner border in to break up all the busy-ness.

So after searching my fabric piles that I have in numerous locations (this took an hour), I finally found the fabric left over from the quilt. I settled on one of the tone on tone reds, and then did the math. I was short..... So I called my local quilt shop, Loving Stitches, to see if they still carried it. Alas, no. The fabric line was long gone.

After searching the internet to see if anyone carried it, (another hour gone) I decided to try to find another fabric. Hard to believe in all my piles of fabric I didn't have anything that would work. (another hour-ish gone)
So.... I packed up the top and border fabric and headed out to the quilt shop ( I am so lucky I only live 2 miles away). They are always so nice and helpful. We pulled all kinds of contenders and then I settled on a lightly marbled red that goes well with all the red tones in the quilt. (yep there went another hour!)
I can't go into a quilt shop without coming out with something else in addition to what I went in there for. I got the Schnibbles "Madeline" pattern and ordered the charm packs to make it.

Now after getting back home I find that all my quilting gumpshun has gone. So.... off to surf Quiltblogs.com!~


  1. That's a gorgeous quilt. I think your borders are going to look just fine.

  2. Thank you Shellypmq, I am so glad you stopped by!