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Monday, February 7, 2011

I think I might give this bloggin thing another shot!

Here it is almost a year later from my last entry. Where to start? So many things happened and didn't happen in the second half of last year.

We have been wanting to move to Florida to be closer to our aging parents and we thought that our chance finally came. My dearest hubby applied to a tailor made job position (or so we thought) for him. We were so confident that he would get the position that we put everything on hold to get ready to move at a moment's notice. As time passed we were in disbelief that he didn't get the job. It took them almost 2 months to notify us that he hadn't gotten selected. It really deflated us. We both got so down and it took us quite a while to regain our footing.

We had started remodeling some of the rooms in the house at the beginning of the year and we just put that on hold because we thought we would be moving. So with the start of this year we readjusted our attitudes and decided to go with the old addage "Bloom where you are planted". Even though this is not where we truly want to live, we have to "bloom" because this is where God has his plans for us.

My quilting took a back burner also. I just had no where to sew except the kitchen table. I hated pulling everything out and then having to put it away every evening. I did manage to finish "Chocolate Obsession" during those down months. I will post pictures of it later.

In December 2010, I finished piecing the quilt top for my brother's nine patch I started back at the beginning of the year. Here it is before quilting.

And after quilting. It turned out wonderfully!

I also finished my nieces quilt top at the beginning of January and it is now at the quilters.
Of course Sunshine had to ham it up for the camera while I was sewing the borders on!
We have also started putting things back away and finishing the remodeling that we started. It is still a mess but I now have my own sewing area. It is not finished yet, but I will post pictures as it progresses! I am very excited about finally having my own space.
Happy Quilting!

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