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Friday, April 30, 2010

As my sewing came to a screeching halt....

I am still alive! Yep.... just no sewing at all to share. I have mentioned before I am big into couponing. It helps me stay at home and not work, and still have money to buy fabric. Well this week our grocery store, Harris Teeter, is having triple coupons. So my week has been spent rounding up, clipping, printing, organizing and getting up early to go get the freebies. It has been a fantastic week for the bargains! So far I am up to $380 dollars of groceries for $6.54! I still have enough coupons for one more run tomorrow. It also was a fantastic week for the freebies at Walgreen's and CVS. I have gotten over $100 dollars worth of stuff for about $6.00.

I doubt I will get much sewing done next week also. I need to make a trip to Florida to take my mom some of the goodies I have been accumulating from couponing. Not only does couponing help me, but it helps my mom who lives on a very tiny fixed income. In truth I don't know how she does it; living on such a pittance that the social security sends her.

Just wanted to post an update!

Happy Quilting!

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