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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm back!

Well technically we have been back since last Thursday, but I was recovering from a nasty, nasty, (seriously nasty!) cold that my dear sweet hubby decided to share with me. This picture is of my handsome son! He is now a pilot in the Air Force! (and a jet jock to boot!)

He seemed to really like the quilts I made him! I also made him a small photo album with pictures of the quilts throughout the creative process. I included small swatches of the fabrics I used and where each piece came from. He sat and spent a lot of time looking at each photo and swatches and laughed as he remembered each item of clothing that the pieces came from. He seemed especially touched that I had included pieces of cloth that his Momma Soon Ohk had used to make her doll clothes with. He would look at each swatch and then find the piece in the quilt. I was so happy he liked the quilts.

I have done hardly any sewing since our return. Mostly just slept and rested. I did go and pick my "Baby" up from the doctor. I had my Bernina serviced whilst we were away and the serviceman gave her a clean bill of health! So hopefully now that I am starting to feel better I can get back into the flow of sewing!

Happy Quilting!


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