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Friday, April 23, 2010

block eight

Spent all day working on these two blocks. I chose the "All Hallowed Variation" block from p.s. i quilt's list. I love, LOVE how this block looks and I may revisit this block down the road and do an entire quilt out of it. If I do I will use thangles to do all the half square triangles. I have to admit it was very nit nerdy to do and was a pain to get all the lines and points right, but it is such a gorgeous block.

I only plan on doing one more block in each colorway. I should be able to complete the 9th block this weekend. I am making two lapsize quilts out of the 9 sampler blocks.

Sunshine had to hop up for a photo op! Such a ham!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. I am in the quilt-along, too and decided to use that same block. And, it is my absolute favorite of all so far. I am changing things up a bit by adding several more patterns so I have twenty blocks. With two of each plus sashing I can make twin, twinsize quilts out of twin blocks (I hope).

    I like your colors, especially the blue block.