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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My sewing area is coming together!

Our house was built back in the days of formal living rooms. For years it has been underutilized. When people come to visit they always headed to the family room to sit and talk. So I decided to take over some of the space as my sewing room. I gave away the old 30 year old furniture and did some rearranging.

When I finished my lone star quilt I really wanted to display it. I just couldn't seem to find a spot in my house where it would fit and look like it is the center of attention. I decided that it would be a perfect backdrop to my sewing cabinet.
Of course Jake had to jump up and ham it up for the camera!
My sewing cabinet with all of the extensions out.

And finally holding my brother's shaded nine patch while I sew the binding on. I love this spot! The hardwood floor makes for easy rolling of the cabinet and is easy to vaccum up all the threads.
Still more work to go on the room so will post more pics later! Hubby is still working on my cutting table.
Happy Quilting!

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