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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Works in Progress.... aka WIP's!

Every quilter has them. I have three (ok really 4, but I don't count it as I barely started it)! I took a year break from quilting, well machine quilting. I did dabble with hand sewing during that time. The other two WIP's just taunted me during that year.

The reason I took a year break was I thought I would get my own sewing room. I didn't want to drag everything out and then put it all back away every day. Our son had left home and took all his things out of his room. I had big plans for that space but my "Dear Hubby" had other plans. It soon filled up with all his packrat boxes of things. I held out thinking I would get my room back. We had plans to build another garage for him to store all the boxes in. Then a year passed and it looked like the garage and my room would still be another year away. I decided to get back to sewing even though it meant dragging all my stuff out every day.

So I plan on finishing these WIP's over the next few months, (well all but one) and journal about them here. I hope you enjoy!

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