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Friday, January 29, 2010

WIP #3

Good morning! Yesterday was quite productive. Did some house cleaning, laundry, etc... and still was able to sew on another flower plus about 10 of the white hexagons on my Grandmother's flower garden. I also called my quilter, whom I hadn't talked to in a year, and found out he is still working. I put my name on his waiting list, which is about a month long, for the Jacob's Ladder that I showed yesterday.

I had planned on going to JoAnn's today to get batting, since I have a couple 50% off coupons, but alas I am stuck waiting at the house. One of our heat pumps has gone out and the repairman is coming "sometime" today..... So I guess I will get cracking on sewing whilst I wait.

My 3rd WIP is a recent start. I have been slowly over the years making quilts for all the members of my family. I did a "trip around the world" for my mom, a "bowtie" for my in-laws, (it is the one in the header with my precious Sunshine laying on), and a log cabin for one of my nieces (the one in my profile picture). My son, whenever he comes to visit, loves to watch TV on the couch covered up in one of my quilts. I wanted to make him a quilt that he can take with him.

I wanted only masculine fabrics. I also wanted to incorbarate some material from his childhood. I had saved some of his shirts and pants and chopped those up. Also there was some other special fabric I wanted to include. So I picked a scrappy, "shaded 9 patch" to make him. For the last year I have been collecting masculine style fat quarters. Every time my local quilt shop, Loving Stitches, threw a sale I would go buy a few.
I cut all the 2 1/2 inch squares in 2 days and sewed it in 3 days

My DH and I were planning on going to the quilt shop tomorrow to pick out the border fabric, but a winter storm is headed our way. I hope it doesn't hit us as I would really love to get this WIP done.

I did learn quite a bit making it. If I make another one, I think I will make the contrast between light and dark a bit more prominent. I really wanted to incorporate all the "special" pieces in this one, so I had to blend it more and the contrast is not as bold as I wanted.

Ok off to sew!

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