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Monday, December 5, 2011

4th of July at Christmas!

I mean if you can have Christmas in July, why can't you have it the other way around??? I still need to add one more inner border and the outer border, plus the applique stars.

I found this quilt pattern at my LQS Loving Stitches. It is called "The Wave" by The Sweet Tea Girls. I fell in love with it and immediately thought of making it for my hubby. I have sewed alot of quilts but have never found anything I thought suited him, until I saw this pattern.

Hehe, going to try this blogging thing again. I have been MIA since March. I completely went into a quilting funk... you know what I mean? I just couldn't seem to get creative for about 4 months. I would sew now and again, but nothing really productive. But about two weeks ago I had a fire lit under me (as my Momma says). I have been working on multible quilts at the same time. I finished a lap size flimsy for my sister in law and have been steadily working on my postage stamp quilt. I will post more on those later.

Happy Quilting!

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